For This…and Every Day

Our Father…not only my father. I pray as if I was holding hands and joining in the yearnings of all the family of God.

Hallowed be your name… Holy, indeed, but never distant. Just the opposite. We are invited to call him Abba – “daddy”. We come as a child rushing into daddy’s understanding, wide-welcoming arms.

Your kingdom…your will be done… I offer my heart and hands, LORD, to be an instrument of your patience and your peace.

Give us…our daily bread. There’s no getting a week’s supply of sustenance..  Teach me to come seeking…and trusting you for what is needed for this day.

Forgive us…Being needy has a way of opening our hearts to seeing both our sins…and our ever-faithful Savior. And, freely forgiven, give me the grace to forgive.

Lead us…Keep the eyes of my heart clear, so that I recognize evil and temptation.

And…when arrogance, or whatever softer name it wears, should seek some selfish way, remind me, LORD, that “yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory FOREVER. AMEN!

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