Food for the Soul’s Conflicts

It’s hard to imagine a banquet table set in the midst of a battlefield – “in the presence of my enemies”. (Psalm 23:5) David was a seasoned warrior – he knew  the tension and risk-your-life conflicts of the battlefield. He knew great victory and stinging defeat. And as a king he also knew the bountiful table spread in celebration of a royal victory. But in the midst of his soul’s fiercest battles, at his neediest time, even a king needs the deep refreshing of our Father’s table.

In the struggles of a demanding day it’s easy to become caught up in an emotional battle. Who’s winning? Who’s losing? Who’s right? And who’s wrong? Any thought of a banquet’s wide-spread table seems miles away.

But David found that “table”- that quiet, renewing place – “in the presence of my enemies”. There was no time for extended quiet. No place of retreat and renewal. But…right in the midst of battle the warrior king found heaven’s food – a quiet, trusting heart, a sharpened sense of priorities, strength when his was fast-failing.

Come, O King of my heart, in the battles I face today, (it may help you to name  them), help me experience the inner quieting and focus of your presence.  Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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