The fireworks are just a memory, except for the boy down the street who hasn’t looked at the calendar. Or…doesn’t care about the calendar. He just loves the noise. Making it…I mean.

Then there are human fireworks. The ones that have nothing to do with the 4th of July…or celebration.  Caregiving families can be explosive. Instead of excited “oohs!” and “aahs!”  there are arguments. Everyone has an opinion as to how something should be done. “Mom would want it this way.”  Or, “dad always said I should be the one to…”

If you look at caregiving conflicts in the kindest light, they’re rooted in the fact that people care…strongly enough to voice an opinion. It’s the idea that someone has to “win” that produces conflict and the one being cared for suffers.

Are you willing to be a “storm-quieter”?  A moment’s silent prayer – just you, or the whole family–could give you the strength to withdraw your proposal in the hope of taking some of the “fireworks” out of the conflict. That’s the place to begin…allowing our wise, storm-quieting LORD to still caregivers hearts and minds. “Peace!”

Prayer – LORD, show me how to be peace in the conflicts I will encounter today. Amen 

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