Finding the Joy


I’m determined to experience this promised “joy to the world”. I like all the Christmas “stuff”. Well, much of it. Maybe even most of it. But those things are just the Christmas trimmings; the bright paper wrappings. I want the real gift. The  deep-down “inexpressible and glorious”, in-spite-of-all-circumstances joy .

I know that “the LORD has come”. But I want him to come again in me. In my dark places. In all of my stresses and struggles. And, yes…in my unanswered  prayers. And in the prayers I don’t even know how to put into thoughts, let alone  into words. In the prayers that ache and stir inside of me.

LORD, is my heart ready for your gift? Do I need to discard my “list”, the things I think I need? My preferred answers to my prayers. Like a Christmas wish list, the  answers I see and want.

Or is the true joy you offer the world – my world – found most fully in the unexpected, costly joy of surrender to your plans and choices. Like the best of all gifts, does it come as a surprise, wrapped in your wisdom and your love?

Prayer – Lead me, LORD, lead us, to surprising joy of surrender. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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