Finding Joy


Sometimes joy washes over us like a wave. It’s spontaneous. We feel its unexpected cool refreshing. We welcome the lift it brings to the routines of caregiving. And then…as the wave recedes, our joy is gone.

We cherish moments of joy. They lighten and deepen the quality of our caregiving. But must we wait for them to come? Or can we encourage them? Can we invite joy? If, as Scripture says, “the joy of the LORD is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10), our answer should be a resounding “YES!”

Does joy begin with quieting my anxious heart? Learning to trust that nothing happens without our Father’s all-wise knowing? And letting that knowledge deepen until it begins to shape in us a heart that is learning to be thankful in all things?

Thankful people face the realities of life – its wondrous “mountains” and its darkest “valleys”. Then, day after demanding day, they’re learning to trust our All-wise , Ever- caring Shepherd. And they’re discovering that thankfulness is the birthplace of a truly joyful heart.

Prayer – LORD, help me to develop a trusting, joyful heart. Amen

In Loving Memory


Throughout this month, the Caregiver Prayer Team honors Fritz Benning who passed into the presence of his LORD on December 10, 2016. He was a beloved brother in this ministry and one of our founding partners. We commend his wife and family to GOD’s loving care.

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