Deep Listening

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Sometimes anger says “I’m afraid”. “I’m frustrated”. Or “I’m discouraged”. And there are times when it simply says “I’m angry, and I want to be heard”. Anger directed at you seems to say. “Change things!” Change the way you’re doing something.” “Fix things!” And often it’s saying,“Fix whatever is happening to me!” “Fix what I can’t understand”.

Anger hurts, but it helps to remember that most often it’s a cry for help.

…a call for quiet. For a patient response. For deep listening to your own heart first .Is there something I need to correct? Some attitude or action I can change? Or something so deep that I need our compassionate, patient Lord to bring about change in me.

Looking inward first, clears the path for us to look outward and see more clearly. With an open, patient heart we may be able to discover ways to deal with and quiet the anger.

Lord, please teach me to be a peacemaker in life’s storms.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

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