Conquering Storms

Situations often shape our attitude. Disappointments drag us down. Good news can leave us feeling that all’s well with our personal world.

But sometimes there’s a sense of uncertainty in the “ caregiving” part of our world. No matter our experienced-tested skills or best in-tentions – and at-tentions, unexpected “storms” can stir our “Galilee“ and we loose control.

Who can quiet our uncertainties? Or still our voiced or unvoiced feelings of anger and frustration? Or resolve any of the host of feelings that rise, uninvited, to the surface in difficult times.

In times like these, everything in us cries out, “do something!” Or, “keep busy. This will all go away.” But the time-tested counsel of Scripture says , “STOP! Come away – physically and emotionally- from the current demands. Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) The writer seems to be saying that until our bodies, our minds and our hearts are “still” we cannot fully know that God is in control…and the direction he has for us – the way out of the tension.

That same verse in THE MESSAGE translation, offers this compelling, storm-quieting advice: “Step out of the traffic. Take a long, loving look at me, your High God.. (Psa. 46:10

Prayer – Teach me, O LORD, to trust you more fully, so that I can find a quiet place in stormy situations. Amen

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