Come to the Quiet


Some days we just don’t feel like praying. We know we should pray. But we just don’t have the right words. Or the right attitude. Or the demands of work and service are already too pressing. External demands often seem like they rule our day.

If your heart is racing, let it get quiet. If you don’t have prayer words, give God the precious gift of your silence.

We often make the mistake of acting as if prayer is the words we say to God. In fact, it is the simple act of giving God our full attention and our openness…with or without words. But it is even more. Prayer is a shared experience of intimate listening and loving.
“It is simply receiving the ever-warm, embracing gaze of God and returning it.”

Let the embracing love of God fill you with the riches of His presence.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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