Blooming in Desert Places

Caring has its high points. Times when patience and sensitivity seem as natural as breathing. And sacrifice feels right and good. Then there are the dry times, the emotional deserts…when it feels like you’ve nothing left to give…yet the need still calls.

In those desert times our hearts may grasp for solutions: if only _____ would help. If only I had____.  There are, perhaps, a half dozen or more “if onlys” that would offer needed practical help.

But emotional deserts are often a spiritual matter, a dryness of the heart that calls for a spiritual solution. Confession. “I need you, LORD”. “My strength is not enough.” Surrender your dryness and distress – let it go – and begin to draw new strength from GOD’s promise to you that “the desert and the parched land will be glad. The wilderness will rejoice and blossom…it will burst into bloom…and there will streams in the desert.” (Isaiah 35:1,2,6)

Prayer – Compassionate, understanding LORD, come to my barren desert places and make them to bloom. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

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