Blessed by Joy

Joy…I’m told, lifts the human spirit. So, I’m looking for joys. Why don’t you join me? Maybe you’ll discover joys that I don’t see.

“I started this search looking for BIG things. Things that make you want to celebrate. Over-the-top kinds of things. There’s been some of those. Travel. Career milestones. But I’m coming to think that “joys” – are deeper, more long-lasting things. Like… finding true love. The person you’ve been blessed to share life with. All those things that – looking back- are richer now than when we first experienced them. And sharing them with you only deepens my joy. There’s more…but I’m doing all the talking. What you are remembering? We’re supposed to be sharing this search.”

“I’m trying. I heard you. I really did. But…maybe I’m just too weary to think of joys. I’m more focused on the everyday stuff. Wait! I can thank God for the small joys-the things I’ve been taking for granted. Like rare moments of quiet –when I was so frustrated that I prayed…and my mind cleared. I knew what I had to do.”

“’I’m with you…always” That’s not some idle promise of help. It’s authentic. Jesus said that a long time ago. But…it’s like he said it to me. Directly. Come to think of it…that’s a joy that sustains me day-in and day out. Thanks be to GOD.”

Prayer – Teach me, O LORD, to more clearly see your sustaining joys. Amen

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