“Attend to my cry”, the psalmist pleaded. “Give ear to my prayer.” (Psalm 17:1) Then he says it again; “incline your ear to me, hear my words” (vs. 6).

Does your heart ever feel like saying, “Listen, Lord!” Or, when we can see no answer, do we question, “Are you listening to me, Lord? Are you paying attention? Do you understand this things-never-change, day-after-dayness of caring? Really?”

No prayer, spoken or unspoken, is ever unheard or un-attended to.

“I call on you”, the psalmist said, “because I’m sure of an answer.” And the truest, deepest prayer is one our hurting, longing heart can barely dare to say. Or even need to say. For the Lord knows our thoughts. He does “attend to our cry”.

At this very moment, and throughout your day, he is our listening, understanding, answering Lord.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

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