There’s an emotional mile or two – maybe more – between “attend” and  “attentive”. You can attend a concert, but be totally inattentive to the performance. You hear the sounds of the music, but miss the subtle touches that an attentive soul is listening for.

Caregivers can attend to the tasks of the day…and the needs of the one they care for. All of us have days like that. And… we have days and times of attentiveness. We catch subtle attitude changes and respond with extra care. We sense an unasked question and offer a tentative “answer”. You get the picture.

One of the facts that make day-in and day-out caregiving possible is that we have a partner in caring – the Holy Spirit. An always attentive partner who “helps us in our weakness.” (Romans 8:26) And that partnership is more strengthening when we are attentive to his presence.

During the day…and especially at day’s end, ask the Holy Spirit to walk with you through its joys and its stresses. Reflect on your feelings, and what God may be saying to you through them. Be attentive to what you may learn from the day’s small details. God is in the details.

Then let your insights turn to prayer…and draw strength from the Holy Spirit, your partner in attentiveness.

Prayer – LORD, please turn my attendance into a holy attentiveness. Help me draw more deeply on the partnership of your Holy Spirit. Amen

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