“At the End of My Rope!”

How many times have you heard someone say that ? Or said it yourself? Originally the phase described an animal that had been tied up to keep it in its grazing area. Since none of us today are prone to grazing, it’s come to mean, “to be so tired, worried or annoyed that you feel unable to deal with _______ anymore.” As caregivers we fill that blank with almost anything… from the trivial to the traumatic. Either one can bring us to “the end of our rope”.

We feel unappreciated. Unheard. Even…at times…incompetent. “What do you expect? No one taught me how to do that. “The directions, they don’t even _____!

When those feelings build up, we have “run out of rope”, or, more correctly, the “grazing area”…of our LORD’s supporting presence. When whatever or whoever takes us to the end of our “rope” – and, in our frustration we can find no clear resolution – say to your soul, “Be STILL!” Let your burdened heart and mind “be still” with the quieting presence of our LORD.

As best you can – lay aside your “end of the rope” frustrations – and allow our LORD to lead you to new pastures of power and possibilities.

Prayer – when all I feel is frustration, come, O LORD with your quiet and confidence. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

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