An After-Christmas Carol

(Not so much for singing, as for pondering)

The rush is over, routine has returned.

There’s no deep silent night. No heavenly choirs.

The skies are quiet, but the heart can still sing,

because the manger’s baby is now our life’s King.

Bright lights on our hearts’ hillsides now shatter our darkness.

There’s no star to be followed, but our hearts still search

and in searching…find life…God’s Son sent to die

so that wise seekers and searchers still find the peace that he gives,

and faith-filled caregivers find a strength not their own,

drawn from deep inner springs of our Father’s refreshing.

Oft’ weakened and weary, yet never truly alone.

The wee babe from the manger is now our source of all strength.

Come shepherds, come wise men, come the doubters and defeated,

come the troubled and trusting, come caregivers all.

See our King – EMMANUEL, GOD with us, GOD in us, no more at a manger, but

in each day’s routine caring and life’s loneliest vigils, depressions and doubts.

May you know the eternal brightness of his hope and his inner light

in the darkest of your darkness. Amen

Come blest Savior, Friend. Be my sure LORD of all.

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