A Tender Touch

Sometimes I take of my shoes because my feet tell me that I’m tired. It’s been a very demanding day…and now it’s over. The pressures of the workday (or night)  are over…at last. Now…this time is mine.

We talked last time about God’s instruction to Moses to “take off your shoes”. That wasn’t a sign of the ending of anything for Moses. Instead, it was preparation for a demanding new challenge. Moses was on holy ground, and he needed to remove his shoes to feel the full impact of the experience.

At what I think of as the darkest, deepest, yet holiest “moments” in Jesus’ earthly ministry, shoes needed to be removed. Roles were reversed. Totally new patterns of ministry were established. The Master washed the dusty feet of the servants.

Years ago I was honored to wash the broken, blistered, bleeding feet of a young immigrant on his arrival in the US. That experience remains in my mind one of the holiest moments of my life. In the kneeling and the tender, careful washing…it was as if I was washing the feet of Jesus.

Lord, may my most difficult, most demanding caregiving task today become the holy act of serving you with tenderness. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2017

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