A Battlefield Banquet

Every caregiver has a story to tell about meal preparation and feeding. One story? Maybe a whole book! We’ve had to adapt…both recipes and attitudes. We’ve learned both patience and persistence. This might be a good time to reflect on the mealtime lessons you’ve learned.

The planning, preparation and serving of a meal is shaped by the setting. Usually, banquets call for master chefs and touches of elegance. Field rations for soldiers in battle are mass-prepared and served for convenience. The most-remembered family meals were cooked and served with the simplicity, the warmth and special touches of a mother’s love.

King David found that The Shepherd of our Souls is also a master chef who prepares a banquet table in the most difficult setting – “in the presence of my  enemies”, (Psa 23:5) A spiritual “banquet”, instead of meager battlefield rations.

Whatever your “enemies” – unexpected pressures of your own making, “unreasonable” demands, more-to-do-than-you-can-possibly-get-done-today, sit with our LORD at the “safe” place he has set for you in the heat of today’s battles.

LORD, help me to feed on the soul food of your battlefield banquet. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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