Some days, like the biblical David, we can slay the emotional “giants” that taunt us. And some days it feels as if the “giants” are winning. There’s just too much to cope with. Too many uncertain choices. David had those kinds of days, too.

Returning home from a hard-fought battle, David and his men found that Ziklag, their military headquarters had been burned to the ground. “All who were in it” had been taken captive. “David and the people with him raised their voices and wept, until they had no more strength to weep”. And David himself was in danger, “for the people spoke of stoning him”. (I Samuel 30:1-6)

It’s hard to imagine being in a darker, more hopeless situation. But David’s response was to “encourage himself in the Lord.” We’re not told what David did, but my heart tells me that he found the strength to focus on- all the times God had given him a strength beyond his own – the Lord’s supportive presence in other dark situations, and – the confidence that comes from faith that sees beyond the current darkness.

No matter what your day may bring, “encourage yourself in the Lord”.

Photos courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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