Never Alone


Caregiving can seem like a very lonely task. Just you…and the one you care for. Day after demanding day. Night after night. Even when there are others to help, it feels as if the weight of caring is on your shoulders.

Those lonely feelings are the soul’s deep cry for help. A dark place in us is calling out for light and relief. And that cry must be attended to.

We need a partner who understands the pressures we feel.

We may need family or friends to provide relief, someone else to share the caregiving. Or, at the very least, provide a day or two of respite – refreshing time away. Time just for you.

In the end, since loneliness is a condition of the heart, the true answer must be an inner one. An always and in all situations answer. The strong comfort of knowing that, even in life’s darkest, loneliest, most depressing places our loving Lord is with us. Quiet your heart for just a moment. Let his calming comfort flow into you. Experience the reality of his promise:

“I will never leave you or forsake you.”

(Hebrews 13:5)

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

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