Caregiving is an act of love. Costly love. In its tender moments, it is given freely. And sometimes, when the day or night is long and your soul is weary…it’s a sacrificial effort. Duty demands…and love seems stretched or strained…but still you serve.

It wasn’t simply circumstance that led you to become a caregiver. And it was more than a family decision. Whatever the human circumstances that brought you to the high task of caregiving, it was the work of our Father’s wise and loving hand.

You were chosen…to be his hands and feet. His attentive ears. His caring heart. Chosen to be the carrier of all of heaven’s resources. His strength in the journey’s wearying times. His peace in the midst of storms. His wisdom when the way ahead is unsure. His protection in the battle against all enemies…seen and unseen.

Not for a single moment…in crisis or in calm…are you left to your own resources. As his chosen one…his beloved…he delights in you…and breathes into you the life and compassion that makes you the channel of his caregiving, the bearer of his light and life.

Prayer – Help me, O LORD, to be the channel of your love and compassion, the caregiver you chose me to be. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

Dealing with Deserts

The idea of serving the needs of others has a lofty sound. It draws on our most noble motives. It’s what love does. It rescues. It gives…without counting the cost. Until…

…there’s little, if anything left to give. It’s not that we’ve stopped loving…or caring. The frustration we feel is testimony to the fact that we still care…deeply.

And from our dry desert places of frustration and irritation our souls are crying out to be refreshed..

Take heart, weary caregiver. “There is a river that makes glad the city of GOD” (Psa.46:4), and our dry, “parched land will be glad…waters will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert.” (Isaiah 35:1.6)

Take time for renewal…often. Draw on our LORD’s quieting presence…deeply. Say to your anxieties and frustrations: “Be still my soul. The LORD is on thy side”. Sing it, if you remember the tune of that great hymn. And let the very breath of GOD quiet your deepest tensions .

Prayer – Open my eyes, LORD, to see your resources. Save me from depending on my own strengths. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017