Resources Beyond Our Own

As a caregiver, much of the day (or night) ahead is not your own. You respond to the needs of another. Some of them urgent. Some of them only day after day  routine.

But what if deep healing – touching the soul of the one in your care – was not only in the actions you take every day…but in the attitude with which you serve? We serve well when we have learned the demanding skills of caregiving. We serve richly and deeply when we draw on resources outside ourselves: the  lovingkindness and tender mercies of our LORD. (Psalm 103:4)

These are not the qualities of the saintly few. They are our LORD’s promised gift to those who face the stresses of life, those who struggle to experience a quiet trust, those of us who are close to the breaking point.

And there is an abundance to our LORD’s giving. An undeserved extravagance. Two words compressed into a wondrous gift – lovingkindness and tender mercies. Accept them as gifts. Let the quiet your heart.. Let the deepen your caregiving.

Help me, O LORD, to draw on your lovingkindness and tender mercies today. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016