Abundant Resources


Sometimes it seems as if caregiving takes more than you have to give. It’s give, give, give…until there’s almost nothing left. That can so easily become a place of frustration and dark despair. Tasks become cold routine. Tempers get short.

Or…troubling experiences can become a place of discovery. A place  where we experience new resources beyond your own.

Jesus promised that those who choose to give would discover God’s abundant resources – “a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.” (Luke 6:38)

Today is not just another day of giving…and giving still more. It is a day of  renewal. A day of lifting. A day…or night…”running over” with God’s unfailing, every-present help.

Help me, Lord, to draw on your resources.

Photo courtesy of Alek Zaslawski (www.awzorchids.com), copyright 2016

A Gift to Cherish

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Early this morning a great-granddaughter arrived at a time of her own choosing. She came to be held…tenderly. To be loved…deeply. To be cherished. And to charm her way into our hearts and into this most wide and wondrous world made new again by her coming.

Perhaps today, like no other time, we are reminded that life is a gift from the loving hand of God. Ours to hold and love, but His. Of His making. Most truly His for the nurturing. Ours only as His sweet gift to us, His appointed caregivers of this new life.

And so it is as life ebbs. It does so at the time of His own choosing. We labor to hold on to every moment. To ease the often, so-slow pace of life’s leaving. To draw upon His gifts of grace and strength when our are long-exhausted. Even now, ours is the awesome task of supporting life. We do it most well when we draw on His strength. His tenderness. His patience.

Surely…in the beauty of life’s coming…and just as surely in the pain of its passing…we are His caregivers, the ones He has entrusted with the care of one He loves so deeply.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

A Very Present Help


There is a call for “Help!” that says, “I need another pair of hands…just for a moment. And then there is a more urgent “Help!” that says “I can’t do this alone. Not any more. Will somebody…anybody…help me? Please!”

Sometimes, making our needs known brings assistance.

But there are times and situations in which there really isn’t anyone to help. We are all alone. And yet, at that very moment, there is an Inner Helper. One we cannot see, but One who is more truly present than if he were a mere physical presence.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

(Psalm 46:1)

Our Lord is not some mystical illusion. Or some stirring of our imagination. His is a real presence. Unseen. But real. Unexplainable. But felt. A presence to be experienced. A reassuring presence. An invited Guest who can bring deep quiet to our lonely heart. Scripture calls him “a very present help” – or, even more reassuring, “a well proved help”. One who can be trusted. An ever-faithful refuge and a dependable source of strength.”

Call upon the Lord. Draw on the strength of his presence today.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016