Planting Peace


Depending on someone else to do for you what you were once able to do…but no longer can is uncomfortable. Even frightening. It can feel like everything is slipping away. And the result is often resistance or even anger. Often you’re the closest one around, and so you catch the full brunt of those emotions.

When that happens, it can help to remind yourself that anger is often fear in disguise. To respond in frustration is only to feed the flames of fear. But a truly quiet heart can only come as a gift. It is an inner resource, not of our own making.

“My peace I give unto you” is our Lord’s response.

It is his faithful promise. His free gift to an expectant, trusting heart; as available as the breath God gives us to breathe. He longs to quiet each troubled situation you will face today.

“Plant your peace in this situation, Lord. Begin it in my heart.”

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016