Quiet My Heart

God has promised that His quiet, reassuring presence will be with you in all the routine of today. But…unexpected things may challenge that quiet, frustrating your sense of peace.

If you feel yourself getting tense, try to pull back for just a moment. Pray…without worrying about the “right” words. A simple “Help, Lord!” can break the pressure and open you to God’s quieting, infilling presence.

When our inner resources run dry, our loving Father cares

Without even a hint of judgment, he freely offers His peace, His quiet, His insight and His healing to you…and through you.

Lord, in all the demands of today, please help me experience your guidance. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

Peace for Today


No matter what you may face today, God has promised you inner peace. Probably…you’ve already begun making mental lists. Sorting the things that have to be done from those you’d like to take care of. And bracing yourself for today’s unexpected challenges.

Wait! Take a deep breath…or two. Quiet your thoughts and your heart. The pressures of this day won’t go away. But you can face them from a place of inner peace. Remind yourself of this:

You’re not alone. Our comforting God is with you, supporting you.

When you are tempted to respond in haste or frustration…pause for a moment and let God quiet the storms you will face today.

Help me, O Lord, to draw on your peace and guidance today. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016